Song of the Day- Saturday 8/17/2013

“Knight Life”

By: Bury Tomorrow

Album: The Union of Crowns


            I told you I’d cover every genre, so I couldn’t miss some prime UK Melodic Metalcore. That’s right, Bury Tomorrow, an atmospheric hardcore band with a metallic presence emerged from England’s Metal scene in 2006. They came out with “Knight Life” in 2012 after some subpar releases. It stands out in their catalogue due to some powerful lyrics that coincide with the heavy chugging and a chorus that you could shout along with in the mosh pot. With pretty good breakdowns as well, “Knight Life” is a song for fans of The Word Alive, Architects, Of Mice and Men and Amity Affliction.

            “Knight Life” sounds and is constructed very differently from other songs that they have made in the past. Lacking the annoying electronics and adding a lot of creativity, the song goes back to the melodic roots that they brought them into the limelight. Often characterized as Post-Hardcore, Bury Tomorrow brings forward a mosh pit friendly track with excessive energy that sports the simplicity of hardcore, with Death Metal riffs, and of course the in your face chorus that will make you put this song on repeat.

            “Knight Life” is a great song to have in your library for occasional listened, I was obsessed with it for awhile and came across it today and it surprised me how good it still is. “Knight Life” has a really bad music video that absolutely shatters the underlying theme that made the song so great. Just download the song or listen to the song without laying your eyes on the video. Bury Tomorrow, save the shit party metal for Attila and Dr. Acula!


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