Little Chldren

Back when we were boys and girls, not a matter in the little world

Sometimes I think that I knew what love is, watching the waves crash through

I see you then and then I saw you know, I don’t know if turned out alright

I had my friends when I was a little child, wandering into adult things

Life grabbed me and tortured me, but I didn’t scream

I held it in and today It’s bursting though my lips

Now when I see the light, I can’t tell if I’ll be alright

I’ve had my friends in the world, I’ve kissed a girl

But I need you to tell me it’s ok

Please brothers and sisters, don’t turn on me because I’m hanging on by a shred

If I can’t be myself I’d rather be dead

If I can’t find you, from my dreams, then I wont stand for any of this dread

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