The Biggest Oscar Snubs of All Time

The Oscars haven’t always been the most reliable award ceremony, and there have been some shocking snubs in the past. Here is a list of a few:

Best Actor, Tom Cruise
Born on the Fourth of July

    There is no question that Tom Cruise should have won for his daring and audacious role the as a disabled Vietnam War veteran who has a gritty journey back to health once he gets back home. Oliver Stone’s masterpiece is a real testament to the Vietnam War, it brings to life all of the fear and the pain that so many other movies fail to do. Tom Cruise is the reason for this, and even if you hate him you have to admit that he was absolutely exhilarating in this role.
    That being said, Daniel Day Lewis’s triumphant turn in My Left Foot was up that year and did win, however I still believe that Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic is the most underrated performance possibly of all time.

Best Picture
Brokeback Mountain

    The stupidity and simplicity of Crash which won Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain, is a sheer insult to moviegoers across the globe. Brokeback Mountain truly deserved Best Picture because it was the best movie of the year. Brokeback Mountain was daring and it proved we are still afraid of what we don’t know and of who we are. It was emotional, riveting, the acting was near perfect and it made the most impact across the charts.
    Crash was shock cinema, it was simple and foolish, and it made a point that there is racism by picking out random events with dramatic music. The acting was quality and the story was intriguing but it should have never beat out Brokeback Mountain, and I’ve always been a huge critic of the choice.

Best Actor, Gary Oldman
Sid and Nancy

    People laugh when you brag about how amazing of a job Gary Oldman did playing degenerate Punk Rock Demigod Sid Vicious, but he really did do that good of a job. The movie has an element of never minding the bollocks and focusing on the degradation and the volatile nature of love that Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen had.
    Gary Oldman’s performance as Sid Vicious will be considered by most as one of the greatest performances of all time, Sid and Nancy is hard to watch and painful due in part to Oldman’s vicious portrayal of Sid Vicious. It was truly emotionally charged, Gary Oldman brought symphony to punk rock and it was completely snubbed.

Best Picture
The Dark Knight

    Ok forget all the hype and the past of the movie, strip it down to the basics and it still should’ve not only been nominated for but won Best Picture. The Dark Knight was more than a movie; it was an experience that nobody had ever felt before. It was quality, amazing acting, daring scenes, good action, high drama and tension and awesome thrills. It was the best movie of the year and one of the best movies of all time…but it didn’t get nominated for Best Picture?
    Nope, sounds ridiculous and that’s because it is. The Dark Knight would have received the buzz it did even if the fateful tragedy of the loss of a bright star in Hollywood hadn’t happened. It wasn’t all hype, it was the best movie by far, it was amazing and the snub it is that it wasn’t even nominated. The Oscars have been considered to be outdated and old sometimes; they’ve been accused of not being with the times for movies. It was mainly the politics and the unspoken rules of the nomination that kept The Dark Knight out, the idea of a movie like The Dark Knight being nominated is bombastic.

Best Picture
Do the Right Thing

    One of the most important films ever made and without a doubt the biggest Oscar snub imaginable, young Spike Lee’s radical and vivacious masterpiece was criminally overlooked. It is far more complex and more important than Crash because it highlights an issue that was made (In my opinion) black and white by Crash. Do the Right Thing is brilliant, it’s so daring and such a complete movie, and it’s a real cinematic experience that has unprecedented progression.
    The fact that Do the Right Thing wasn’t nominated for Best Picture really is mind blowing, but not surprising. The Oscars don’t highlight the best movie often, and it’s rare that there has been a movie that has been so acclaimed yet devoid of any accolades. It’s a real shame

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