Lovely Lady

Lovely Lady
I ghost wrote in solitude, between the lines of the cruel melody, to simplify all the strange sounds and the compassion that some assholes lack. You are my Lovely Lady i bought the sun and stars together, but it wasnt brighter then your smile, im in love but i held in emotions as I drowned in the river of denile.

My lovely lady, my crown jewel, my everlasting baby. When i uttered your name, my heart floated with the birds and the bees in harmony. There are foreign languages, road blocks, if there are predators, Im the fox. The past is whirlwind that decimates us so fast, and i cry, then im struck with the revelation that in you i can rely.

I held her hand, this lovely girl, i had searched high and low, now there is a future to sew, I found a pearl. A sweet reminder that there is love in the world. Ill never lose you, so hold my hand, when fear commands the end, hold my hand, as tribulation gives a demand, hold my hand. Ill hold so tight, your lovely hand in mine, to take you away would be a hell of a fight

Lovely Lady, this beautiful young lady has the strength to bring light upon the shady. I cried when i wrote this ode, to a crystal ball, the future, a blooming flower, Seconds turn into hours.


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