Obscure Horror Movies

Here is a list of Horror films that haven’t received as much attention as they should have. As you know, I’m all about letting people in on the secret of good movies, music and art in general. So here are some good horror movies, stay away from the mainstream and check out these independent and foreign gems!



Them (2006)
Directed by David Moreau 


                Them is a survival horror film, about a family who have one horrible night

Them is a French film that the less you know about it, the better it probably will be. Them is a movie that like most of the other foreign movies on this list had a remake. The original is very original and very scary. It isn’t original concerning concept, but film making and everything else makes this a movie that is worth watching with the lights off and you probably would want to turn them back on. Its pulse pounding, and has a very creative edge to it.


Pontypool (2008)

Bruce McDonald

                Pontypool is a movie that is truly claustrophobic; it takes place within a radio station. In the town of the Pontypool things get very bad over the course of a day, and chaos definitely reigns.

                Pontypool is a success; it takes a huge risk in making such a tight and difficult horror film, which some people who aren’t patient will miss. The movie has a fair bit of intellectual component woven deep into its roots that makes it a very refreshing scare. Pontypool won a lot of awards from Horror Movie Enthusiast websites and created quite a scare throughout the world after it was released. Pontypool is worth it, but stick through the end. This isn’t a movie that makes you jump out of your seat, but it builds up that tension and fear inside your stomach.



Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Directed by Jee-woon Kim


                Tale of Two Sisters is a horror movie, in which a lot of people call perfect, a masterpiece etc. I saw it once and it was very scary, in fact my friend and I turned off the first time because we didn’t want to get nightmares. Concerning horror movies, Tale of Two Sisters is different. It’s Korean, and about two sisters who move up to countryside home with their father and his new wife. A mystery unfolds that is terrifying and devastating, really scary stuff.

                The movie has some very scary scenes, but it’s also a lot of story that is very complex. So you are going to be in for a horrible scare, as well as a very interesting story. It’s a rough story however, and it’s the best movie on this list. I wouldn’t recommend this on Halloween night; I’d recommend Pontypool, Insidious, and The Last Exorcism. It’s a very scary movie though, so watch it on the days leading up!

Cache (2005)

Directed by Michael Haneke


                A French film from Austrian master filmmaker Michael Haneke, who also helmed Funny Games, is not so much a horror film but a terrifying thriller. With as many thrills as something that Alfred Hitchcock would very much enjoy, Cache is about a serious of mysterious packages that land on a man’s doorstep, the man of whom is haunted by his past.

                Cache is mysterious, scary and thrilling in an original way. It’s another movie like The Tale of Two Sisters which would be perfect to horrify and thrill on the nights leading up to Halloween.



Funny Games

Directed by Michael Haneke


                Funny Games is a twisted and genuinely disturbing spectacle. I recommend the English version, however both were directed by the same genius and both are great. Starring new found star Michael Pitt, as well as Tim Roth and Naomi Watts, Funny Games is a rough movie to watch. It’s very scary, and is one of the best horror-thrillers of all time; it’s frightening and will leave you talking about it for quite a while. The rattling of your bones and the uncomfortable feeling left over, will make it impossible to forget the smiles, menace and philosophy.

                Funny Games is about two demented and violent yet charming men who take a family hostage and play games with them that only they enjoy. It’s a hard movie to get through and by all means disturbing. However it’s scary, because it’s realistic scary. There are no slashing, ridiculous teen b-movie horror film sex scenes, and definitely no monster depending on definition.             

                Funny Games may outrage, but that’s the point. Excellent movie, and I’d recommend it to a very mature audience, gets a well-deserved R rating and its violence and blatant film making allow it to push that boundary



3 thoughts on “Obscure Horror Movies

  1. My husband and I are obsessed with horror films, especially the obscure ones. For some reason it seems foreign filmmakers are making the better films out there right now.

    • definitely, the foreign ones are more daring. American Horror movies stick to the simple stupid things, viewers are smarter now. We are expecting better things. One thing i love about the foreign films is that they are making some super scary thrillers. I just realized i forgot to add Ben Wheatley’s “Kill List” to this list. Truly terrifying and it came straight out of nowhere. You should like it

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