Love and Other Stuff

The tide will always reach the shore, you are the sea within a sea

Perfect ten times four, the inspiration of poems and folklore

I love you, so much for self reservations

It eats your heart to quickly, hold me close for sedation

I consumed more then I could chew

Roses may be red, violets might be blue but no flower will ever…ever…be as beautiful as you

We can float down this stream past the kings and queens, and you might be the most beautiful princess I ever did see

I love when you stare at me

My heart is a political prisoner of your social tyranny

The waves are calm, and so are your eyes

I want to hold on close, and reinforce all ties

I want to make this happen, so let’s do it right


You are a sea within a sea, the epitome of belief laced with serendipity

I hold you close; I can hear your heart speak to me

I will hold on through trial, tribulation, never defeat

I hide beneath the shadow watching the storm

The streets of dreams and diamonds is our destination, journey through the light just to meet your eyes

The scrambling sky far beyond the limits of a night

And yet I fight,

For your love and beauty

The shining glare of the sun, with you I have no fear

I constructed an element my dear

The sea within the girl, the beauty within the pearl you swirl and it seperates the clouds

I have this poem for the sky to read aloud

A blue sky that delays the vicious lie that nobody is perfect

I’m sure you are the perfect example, the perfect sample

The Perfect girl, the rose in the night

I was crawling on all fours with metaphors until I found your definition

We marched through the water, our hearts beating together

Lets Listen?

Words of Wisdom replaced by thoughts of kissing, peace is a goal but my heart is floating through the waves of the title

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