Fake Empire

These little words always kept me sane, i knew id get hit but i still changed the lane

This cursive is so difficult, nearly impossible to see. Babygirl, what do you want me to be

I live in a fake empire, burnt so much but i still play with fire
I wanted to leave the state, but i left the keys near my fate
Im struggling to just live, i need someone to know ive got love to give

Civilizations built upon faith and love, they never knew there was a storm up above. i write a prologue everyday to tear myself apart, so people can realize a end has a start. When my mom was so sick, i had love to send. i didnt know that night it was from myself i had to defend

Self reflection, early detection, and my soul’s poetic dissection is my only protection. God forgive me for all my sins, i wish my dignity wasnt in that bin. you cant help me now, the Fake Empire wont allow. if you love me ill write a symphony, your heart would beat with mine in synchrony. the moon would be subject to larceny, to brighten your dark day. i want to make it so im never your enemy, just a lonely epiphany.

Tonight, ill retire to my Fake Empire. My body wont move, but my heart can still conspire to reveal this fortress as hellfire. My hope is the only liar. The pain, trauma, hate and emptiness had inspired me to ignore lovelorn gunfire. ill climb this Fake Empire, just to stand on the edge of the slippery spire

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