Life is Poetry

I stare into your eyes, mine cross

Known to cut a loss before I pivot with surprisingly advanced digits that leave the past riddled with poetry in the moss

The Cost?- I are intensive as we back up on the heels of walls that have been cautioned aprehensive, while i close my eyes in chaos to stay pensive

Describe your life in real time prophecy, like a bastard son of socrates, 2-1-2, stay prodigal sporting blood red shoes, spewing blood stained dues, battle scars that keep this genuine and true

Hold on I’ll tear shit up like my arm, street poetry built to self destruct not self harm, story of poverty and triumph, trauma and alarm

The blood dropped as the hip hopped and hearts stopped, jaw dropped, fist clenched, because when i arrived on the scene you can barely even clinch a spot on the bench

My thirst to quench, disarm the foul stench because i was raised with a vendetta to make the ice colder and the consequence better

Writing over your head and into your heart, Public Threat, Best Bet, Your last regret

I’ll leave you traumatized with your lips to pucker, punk ass motherfucker

They expect sweets like all day suckers

Carve words like bloody scripture, arrogant because i have the real big picture, failed math but i’m going to specialize in lots of zeroes, Held at gunpoint and didnt play hero, live life far beyond suicide to stay parrelel and I’m the fucking worst

My fathers knife to my throat and its a pain in the neck

Eiry mornings on the deck breathing bleak debts, swallowing harsh bets because im a guy you dont want to forget

Counting a million dollar deal, and i am what i feel

I am the leader, and i am what i believe

Fours months for something to be real, time for skin to peel, Dont crawl, I walk, And I back up each every word of the shit that i talk

Times become bleak, and it was pleasure without pain that i used to seek, but i found the world to be cheap with harshly paved streets, gloomy beats and times when you just have to look down at your feet

But there is more to life then they teach you at school, with a heart of gold and story that has been told, positive energy with a negative handgun, the demise of the progidal son, and the rise of the chosen one.

And as i hunt, the past impedes but i can say i am everything that i believe

City light free verse on a glimpse of doubt about inconsistency and I am still everything and more that i believe.

Life is poetry, so lets live in our persuasive thesis, words are biblical so lets write holy songs

Life is to long to stand on one wrong, so lets blossom together before we’re goneImage

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