Song of the Day 8/29/2013 (SORRY A LITTLE LATE)

(Freestyling over one of the most coveted beats of all time is no small task. The bigger challenge is sounding good, Big L did it and it’s arguable that Jadakiss did as well. But K.Dot did it the best, back when he was known as K.Dot. And it’s only fitting that I have a Kendrick Lamar song in my songs of the day, the man has revitalized rap and spearheaded the new Golden Age. Now it’s not as good as the other one, we don’t have the same quality rappers that we had then. But there is some serious young talent out there, and during a time when nobody was challenging anyone else, Kendrick Lamar dissed the shit out of America’s most beloved city. The saddest part is the dismal responses that were returned to Mr. K.Dot. New York should be fucking ashamed of itself, or at least the rappers should be. But I wouldn’t advise Kendrick Lamar to come to New York anytime soon. Anyway, the Who Shot Ya freestyle is absolutely brilliant. Featuring clever worldplay, metaphors and Kendrick gets deep into the actual song by making it his own. Bravo to you sir!)

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