Something Very Cool

We’ve got something very cool coming up! I made a trailer last night for Strawberry Grandin, which is basically a concept that i came up with a very bizarre name. It’s a cool little thing that i’ve got going on. Now its the basis of the first three books that will be released by me. (My name is Anthony Day legally, but Grandin is my pseudonym that i picked up from Temple Grandin and I have no clue where i came up with the Strawberry aspect of it!)

Now the first three full length books are based on the so called “Sickness” which you’ll find out more about once you hopefully buy my books! It’s something interesting and is truly up for interpretation. The sickness is multiple things and its up to you to decide what those things are!

A lot of people dont take me seriously because I’m 19 and i’m an author but i know this is what i was born to be. I was born to become an author and i was born to tell stories, it was awoken when my father used to tell me bedtime stories from scratch and i look forward to that in future fatherhood. I’ll have some great and creative stories to tell my future child, and hopefully i’ll be able to entertain them and also a lot of other people. I think this week i’ve overcome the set backs and the self doubt that has absolutely hindered my work.
Now i have two books completed and one publisher, the second book i shall publish independently!

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