Some Bullshit

I Like to…
Return the favor
I got god’s cell phone because i robbed an angel
Hand gestures that looks like a gun
I’m young, going on and on some nights like i’m fun
Is it me or has the tide turned
Feeling a little cold in here, chill gone down your spine
Rhymes becoming less sensitive
Trade morals for success
Those three words, aren’t in my head like they used to be
Crying about some bullshit, emotions on the rise
Tension all throughout the house
Teeth grinding and your fists clinched, bringing back the days with youthful death stares
Prophecies about your demise become an actual plan, praying on your hopes and fears in a religious institution

Feeling beat like their heat pressed to my temple on a cold winter day
Better rub some bengay on those joints because i’ve been stretching you thin
Hurting your pride, hurting you like a lovers lie
Talent, couldn’t have given to a worse guy
Standing breathless, knocked the wind out of the sentence, like a misplaced comma
Whining about some bullshit, getting involved in some drama
Petty thieves committing murder
Elevated my urine test, but now it’s time to step a little further

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