I wish I got along with myself better, they called the cops and the bull dropped its charge


It was surreal how the shit stayed at large, or how the very sight of bright colors gave me a flashback


To a time when I had unflinching hope and my sins could be cleaned with a brush and soap




Simplicity is to complex, my endeavor will have a conclusion like hot sex


I was born with a trigger on my back, I moved it to my head, if you come for me make sure I’m dead


My philosophy is an archetype, the neo-noir type for the dismal in distress


I’m the little bitch in a red dress


I have so many good qualities for a cow, my farm is blessed


Milk me for thought, slaughter me for a few meals worth of meat, then Temple GRANDIN could be reborn to make my defeat more humane




If this is the end, when did it begin?


I sleep all day, its neither work nor play, its suicidal decay


I’ve got a lust for redemption, I get hot when I smell blood, I was raised from the mud as a scavenger. I don’t care, ill bite you, I was born to lose, the day I die I’ll win. Maybe that day, happiness will begin


I cut myself, spit and write, I’ll ignore umbrage,  your sophisticated words, because I want to fucking fight




Addiction to synesis, philanthropic as the crusades were, compared to my slow burning melancholia. Eat up any road block, to later regurgitate a modern day piece of art, while you fornicate I’ll root for you to precipitate something, because there is riot going on, things are going to fucking explode! So before our hate implodes, we need for you to create offspring.


The End is nigh, call up and cry, as all hopes die, apocalypse now, the streets have been stained with blood for so long, vermin are born from mud

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