I’m the Burning Man who Will Float On

You try to lay these ghosts to rest, but these times were the best

Painful memories that used to be a beautiful reality

Images you value over the rest, her smile and her hands that used to caress

A mended soul

Now the moments when you felt blessed

Are filled with questions, and you have no answers just a simple guess

My city is burning to the ground

My exodus to the underworld without a foot to stand on

Buildings fall with the speed of sound

She pillaged my entire crown, I wasn’t her prince

Just a clown

A mound of shit in the bottomless pit

My life reduced to a slit on my wrist

I wish I never met her because ignorance is bliss


I can’t function the same; I’m crying out for help and crawling on all fours

I’m stuck in a room without a door

I’m reading the bible in peace


My open mind is deceased; I called up to heaven looking for a simple hello?

Nothing for 19 years, so it looks like to hell I shall go


I cling to love but I’ve learned if you put a girl above your life

You’ll be left burning a dove

You’ll be standing alone, contemplating words and crying in a raging fire

Spewing solemn words of love and desperation

I know each time it’s my dedication that becomes a horrible stipulation

I know each time that I was never meant to love

I know each time that I was never meant to be loved

I know that I will fall apart looking for an explanation

Screaming for a friend

But even they realized that my downfall has no end

And they descend, they hate me in anticipation

For the next time this will begin

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