Warmonger in Therapy: FORMALDEHYDE

Wow, this week has been rough. It has been purely entertaining whilst being extremely painful. Recently i had surgery after getting beaten up by some kid, i guess those Bruce Lee movies i watched back with my grandma didn’t help to much. I had a broken nose, torn labrum, and a bad dislocation. So needless to say it kinda hurt. But your Warmonger and Humble Narrator is ok.

It has made it extremely difficult to write though, because usually i would hand write everything. I’d buy at least twenty high quality pens per month because i’d always write notes and write down everything else as well. The new book would be handwritten but i can’t do it as my injured arm is my right, and i’m right handed. The one positive is that we can use some of that excess pen money to go grocery shopping.

But on a serious note i’m worried about how this is going to work out, but i know it will eventually work. I’ve had a hard life and it’s made me love everyone around me. I could meet someone on XBOX and go the extra mile to try and help them, i care about a lot of people. Sometimes i come across as pompous and as a bit of an ass. And as you can see from my poems i dont exactly believe in god, because first i have to believe in myself. Things have worked out so far, and i always have to remember that.

More updates soon!

Oh and i almost forgot, ladies and gents, a bunch of short stories will be coming out very soon. I hope you enjoy them. Also i’ll be releasing a few poems again just so everyone can see them. Thanks so much!

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