Nothing to Lose (Re-Release)

November 23, 2012 at 3:10am


I need to find of meaning of my own 

Because the ghost of the past keeps roaming through these halls

Its the chill that runs through my body when yu call, and its the words that I remember when you speak

Its the souveniers from the destruction i chose to keep

The layers of stone that I dig, not deep enough

The barrier between between you and I had been so tough

Worrying about the label, striking late night reminder

I used to cry heavy tears because I thought i’d never find her

Lovelorn and torn, confused days going from the chosen one to wishing i was never born

I would have sworn the wind was blowing this way, I was wrong and left to worship the ashes of yesterday

I used to smile and strip down my fears, they were displayed naed for a person who I thought truly did care

I would always battle your demons with you dear, but I cant replace your lovers from the past so through throw me to the side

If the words were sewn together then I know the string lied

If the world was to collapse, then at least I tried

Clear Skies, and I wish i could be everything they are

I wouldnt be me, but i’d be closer to you

Not forced to look from so far

The solemn aggression of the night as I wish upon a star

I want to scream just to petrify the pendelum, burn the blasphemy to perpetuate the other side of the discusion

I can emphasize your touch

I thought the days we watched each other were sincere

I was met on those empty nights with the moons stare 

Things change, but that doesnt make it fair

There was a drumroll

My heart raced with the pace of the shadows

I rise in the darkness still to cast a doubt

I’m the main character of my story, but i never wrote what it is about

And as I sit and wonder what happened to you and me I bleed thinking of you and him

I destroy, construct and burn to begin

My scriptures laced with sin, holding for dear life waiting for it to actually begin

I need to lean on you

I need to understand whats true and not confuse times where i only have little to gain and nothing to lose, no in between


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