Spread Your Wings (At the Peak of the Earth) 2nd Release


Spread Your Wings

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the peak of the Earth

I throw my head to the roof; I plaster the image of the past with everything I’ve got

Born closest to the edge, I’d tear through gravity before letting go of this ledge

I tear through my shirt, with each and every breath

I’m blessed to be driven, to set fire to the misconception that celebrity can be given

Turn your head but don’t look back forgiving

This and that, whether they are triggers that are living or the epitome of synonyms for personal business Turned down for the gates of heaven, the fallen angels cowered to the future I stared upon collecting knives at eleven

Free fall to the top just to spread my wings at the top of the Earth

They chant my name tonight, it’s been so many years and I’m going to grab life by the throat and make things right

A sickness is spreading so let’s hold hands and prepare to fight the good fight, we will always do it for serenity, light and I’ll always love you until this world ends, way before the time frame bent and a signal had been sent

I want the clock to begin, I want to see winter freeze and hear my Honeybee sing

If the city doesn’t like it then why do they bounce around to the combination of carving scriptures and bending sounds?

I ascend to Earth, navigating my way since the day of birth

Free falling with a smile all the way to the top

Surrounded by cheap gifts and absence dressed up just to burn and rot

I can still love, I love a lot

It’s calming to know, that through chilling winters a pattern can still flow

Silent moments for cracked motion, an excuse to burn temples and force the life stream into crazed commotion

I stare into the fire, and then looked into the secret in their eyes

Nobody could hear it, but I heard the cries

I was fed the lies

I tried, but he screamed because he was to human to live like that, so now I live like this and I found out that its peace that’s bliss

To stun the world with the spread of your wings, is more important the scars on your wrist

So we free fall in art,

Questioning, does an end have a start?

The answer to all questions is to believe in a heart, and spread your wings and fly so far because you’re strong

It’s easier to show you’re right then prove that you’re wrong

I dedicate and wrote a song, to rewrite the fall and blossom before them all


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