The Power of the Ghetto (We Will Be Seen & Heard)

Your life is fantasy so waive your rights
I’m infiltrating systems like a parasite, done seen people get themselves slashed over some dumb fights and long nights, it’s good times in the ghetto like dynamite

I’m screaming all types of stuff in Swahili, think you get your way getting all touchy feely, gone way to far to back out since you disrespected the family

Gonna slay some hogs, train some of the most vicious dogs

We’ve got dope in one hand and scares on our wrist

Spoken words but these rhymes can’t be heard because I’m getting so pissed, use weapons as words so I traded in my fists but now it’s crunch time so it’s less doing more dying and I can see myself bleeding out now and my grandma crying

Don’t know what the war stares for, because when you’re treated like animals it’s hard to be cared for. My tears, well they were symphonies dedicated to you

Ain’t got time for no sentimental shit that doesn’t stay true, somewhere located in between the Green like blue, I was only planning on taking you out but I’ve got time for two, it’s time to yell because I was raised in hell

Got white boys talking Ebonics on the new cell, they feel their inner tenement

Got fucking punched in the mouth, I think I taste cinnamon

Turns lemons into Kool-Aid, corporate mechanism and don’t worried you’ll get paid

Life’s a game and she said that sucks for you

Negroes with broken fingers throwing up signs from Timbuktu

This is my time and if I don’t destroy this shit before one I’m going to count until two

Learn about the ghetto not from the school of hard knocks but the future of electives, change to a different perspective

An old fiend or a dumpster with a stillborn baby, half dead dogs and some skunked out ladies

Cat’s been run over, whooper junior that has the rabies

We’ve got to fight the power, with a few good words because the absurdity is beyond comprehension on a nickel bag of dissension but I’m sorry I can’ t bet my life on Christ’s pension

Finding tension in my families lesser intentions, and looking at brighter days in my funeral home lynching

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