Epochs and Entities

We lost the controller to the machine, but it controls itself alone desperate beneath ages of science

Ethics and Epochs don’t always mix with compliance, if I could wipe this world up I’d dance one more time before the meteors come crashing down and the planets collide

No Blurred lines, no blurred images, just mass death and proof that this was the end

Not the end we expected, but something to talk about and make a joke or two, maybe three?
We have a couple of minutes to serenade so let’s get it done, food for thought moments away from being cooked and shoved onto a broken plate, thoughts of the future cracked like what I can’t see

I couldn’t feel anything all I saw was the meteors coming my way

Words couldn’t describe anything and nothing came to my mind to say

I was watching what used to be lies and myths unfold, the thunder I could hear sprawling through my window

I was terrified, the apartment was blood red and my fear splattered upon the four walls of my sanctuary

I had no way to communicate, my voice was taken away and buried beneath a childlike wonder of the doom that was head

I slip the blinds back and saw meteors falling from the sky, the city looked to be falling off the edge of the earth slowly descending upon the bowels of Earth, and I found religion suddenly because it looked like the worst hell there was

I dived forward to grab hold of something that wasn’t there

I’d surrender in fear if I knew that my prayers would be answered sincere.
The world was ending, and I had ten minutes to tell you how….

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