Thrown Together thoughts that sound like Poetry

Do you know what the fuck you’re doing?

Sitting on the edge with compromise on your mind

The opportunity is flying through the air while you sit and dine

The world is ending while you sip wine on your gazebo feeling unbreakable

This is the time where we riot and the part of the song where people can’t be quiet

No more time to dance let’s just stomp

Chaos represented by the flows of this warmongering

Life isn’t what life used to be, all I can and all I can see have become far from the past symmetry

I’ve got guns on my temple and a template that appears simple

Shock the masses with something so damn unoriginal, not scared of losing your life because if you feel so tough you must be out of touch and a little slow

If I died I’d have no doe, and couldn’t say I modernized shit, just went with the flow

Trying to understand life the best I could, picking skin and scouting celebrity deaths and saying when

Why do we love ourselves less then Hollywood girls, within our eyelids are daggers not pearls

Within are hearts is acid

I don’t have shit and due to corporations I hate myself more then you could ever guess


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