I’m Sick

I’m sick now
I can’t feel my legs, my arms or my face
Pace is the trick, and i have trouble carrying myself much further The fight is to long and so are the feelings
There are no ceilings, nothing to hold me down
But i’m not going anywhere
The floor keeps me stuck, and i’m drained slowly as i run out of luck
I clutch to the past dreams, while my skin is soaked with perspiration
Don’t get my name confused with my acts of concentration

I’m sickNothing makes any sense
I’m stuck in my bed humming past lullabies about dreams and fears
My despair is a piece of art
My dreams are an end to a start, and if i’m ever reborn on these city streets
May we share our dreams and let our aspirations meet
And if this fog ever clears, i think that my eyes will readjust and the memories will come back
Right now i’m sick, and you can’t be the cure
My nightmares always scared me, but at least i knew that one day i might reach my dreams

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