Dumbed Down (Poetic Justice)

This is the way to go, I’ll give you my two cent

Trying to get a few dollars, which I already spent

We are the generation of broken dreams, and we resent all the splattered passion on the walls of endearment

We have to understand that these days are of a lesser being
we have to talk all about what we are seeing

Don’t be confused by the nights that hide the street lights

Don’t say it’s wrong when you know its right
we came to the scene with aspirations

We left with anger and a will to fight

Because the stars and moon paint a different picture

My eyes are looking upon a visual lecture

To be or not to be was the old question?
Now it’s live fast die young because you only live once

Praying to a thousand suns that we aren’t sure are real

Judging character less then sex appeal

Not caring about faces, and distorting pride

Would you be happy with what you accomplished if you just fell over and died?

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