Poetic Parenthesis (Bus Ride)

There is a bus ride, that I take in the morning

Sun Rises as I’m yawning
They say you can make a story out of anything

So let me write this song, you can sing

I’ve got sun in my eyes on this bus ride, feeling some breeze with the water in my eyes

Intercepting the life, but it’s not a pick six
Siting next to an old woman who smells like the death sticks

Life is a blessing, driving across from blessings

A Chinese restaurant, the food is a blessing

Time that I’m missing, money that I’m pissing away

That’s why I had to ride the bus today
Next to shady characters, looking very hazardous

Life right now feels like swing or miss

I’m close to my destination, but I’m living and breathing underneath procrastination

And now I’m looking at skyscrapers that I blame for corporate mechanisms and greed

But they are institutions and programs that I use and need
The bus ride is an eye opening thing

You feel like a peasent but theres no reason you can’t be a king

Self worth thrown into the mix and the devil gets his kicks

But life transcends large houses and cool bling

You are creatures, who…

Ride the bus, and if you want feel free to join us

3 thoughts on “Poetic Parenthesis (Bus Ride)

  1. My favorite lines were, “The bus ride is an eye opening thing

    You feel like a peasent but theres no reason you can’t be a king”

    Because “thing” and “king” was a catchy rhyme and the content was thought-provoking. Is it saying you can be “king” in your attitude/perspective? Or perhaps that through hard work you can raise your socioeconomic status?

    I am also a poet and just started a blog a few days ago. Perhaps you could check it out and support a fellow wordsmith who’s just getting started? Thanks! 😉

    • thanks so much Stacia, what i meant from the “King” thing, is that you dont have to feel bad riding the bus. There wasn’t much of a socioeconomic context, but i did want to take away the color of the bus ride, and by taking away the color it removes the judgement. there is a lot of judgement to the busride, but it doesnt determine who you are. At first i was always afraid to take the bus because i thought that it did. But then i realized that was so dumb lol.
      The whole taking away the color thing comes from this film “La Haine” where three friends in a Paris ghetto (one is arab, one white, one black) and the film takes place during the riots. So the director takes away the color of the film, makes it black and white. So everyone will be viewed the same in some capacity. It was brilliant.
      So i wanted to put all this into the simple task of a bus ride 🙂

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