Ode to a Ex

(Some Profanity)

I’ve crossed my fingers for so long, been right when you called it a wrong
You fucked with me longer then I could handle
And now I lay here depressed and dismantled
I’m a phantom and you think you are the best
And I don’t mean to be a pest, but I wrote this ode to you

Now I’ve come undone, counting every piece of skin that I’ve peeled
Hating every feeling that I ever did feel
All these days running after a shallow girl, and now this rage is real

The music stopped but you are still dancing, thinking that you are some type of instrument
You are used and I was abused by your little ingenious hateful tools
I’m dry, crying for water
And you think I’m wrong but when I was laughing you laughed along

Now I’m enraged, hating every day that’s listed on the page
You are shit, a shallow little bitch
Stranded in the hope that you listen to in a pitiful rhyme
And you think I’m done, but you loved me when I said you were my sun

Now let’s get real, I’m telling you about all I feel
Syllables and quant times, sickness
I loved your life but you didn’t love mine
And now I’m trying to get with the changing times
Sublime like nirvana
You want pleasure I don’t want to
I’m living in a kingdom of muses and hoods
Hiding a charitable song, I’ll prove that you are wrong, you are shit
As I fall down a bottomless pit after vicious torture, all I have on my mind is you and the new man you court  

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