My heart is in custody and my mind beneath my id, my veins bulged as I had a gun to the side of my fucking head

A rat as a friend and a fiend sitting next to me waiting for Gabriel to put a tune to his end, crying in the background of a town with little sound and even less substance

Bones to mend as I bathe extensively in my sin
Enjoy the violence in complete silence and stop for a long wait

Belief in my reasoning is what brought me to this apocalypse

You broke my mind and sent me down through this hell

Dying to get away from myself, and living to see the result


Bang my chest with my eye closed to help me believe that my actions were more than what they were

All the dreams I had about her were due to my absence of faith

Used to not have a pot to piss but now my mouth plugged so I can’t even shit

Cut open my guts to show people I’m a real person, wit and denial build my confidence as the depression worsens

Missing someone that love and not understanding what the fuck love is

Chasing after a nice face and a big pair of tits, some zest and then some nice ol’ hips

Fetish gear and whips, masks with blood running down your leg

Forced to plead and beg as God takes my innocence

He may have the upper edge but he isn’t winning this

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