Beginning to Float Away

It hurts when I breathe it hurts when I bleed


And Cry,


Moment in the city when the promises will break


You always end the sentence the same way


I gaze up at the dark sky, on the same day I was fading away


Waiting for the right thing to say


Hold me as they tear me apart


Look inside deep and save my heart


And I am fading away so quick with the sun in my eyes


I carry lifetimes full of broken smiles


It hurts when I bleed


What I can’t have I desire, I used to be so low but now I dream higher


I’m fading away counting on there to be something


So Many years of nothing




I miss the blue skies, now I’m holding on with all my strength for my life God made an angel who has done nothing right


I don’t want to cry or bleed


I just want what I need


The Sun doesn’t shine because I don’t believe


I’m drifting away as all my friends they leave me


I need your help


Please Free


Me your sentences end the same way


I open up my arms, and close my eyes


You want to help this angel, because all night he cries


Now I’m fading away don’t you realize, I am dying right now from Life’s lies


I need everyone who loves me near, to open up my eyes


To see me so defenseless and help me try to stand on Blue Ice




The saddest thing I’ve said, is that I recognize myself in the mirror


I need you all to love me, love me clearer


Because I’m fading Away


Drifting Away


But I don’t want to die

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