I think you’ve got the big picture


I’ve got no real future


This is a house of cards and a world of whores


I lost myself before I could begin and its killing me




I’ve been trying to find my way uptown but I realized Life is a sadistic game, nothing more


I became part of a statistic, as society cleaned up the mess of the boy who went ballistic


Wrap your arms around me, this is an open relationship


And we live under the sun


And below the blue moon


But we can’t run yet


What do we live for when our lives come crumbling down


Subliminal pleasure and deafening sounds


But you’ve got the picture, I’ve got no future




When she knocked me over, I restarted my verse


She sprouted chauvinistic


So what do I say first?


I love you please so adopt my emotions and help me fight the curse


To be Alive, to Scream




I don’t want to lose myself twice so take me to the enemy so demise can end tragically


I lived my life, emphatically


Where you in the glee inside my hearse


Your lashing was the worse I was satisfied but focused on being better than everyone else, wanting to discover the distance between you and me


Patiently waiting for this to be a joke because my life was being lived inside you.

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