You know there’s days when you want to choose to not get out of bed and play dead again

It’s not the only way, I never knew a spark like this that didn’t lead to change

Hang me from a weeping willow to create a masterpiece

And oh lord, days I think I’m dying

Next minute stock options are something

I’m moving up the chain

Shaking the ground, eating some of you in my head

Feeling super 2012 Time to Pretend fabulous, next to some young thing

Rolling during a fling, MGMT on the speaker and balance falls on a whim

Those teenage years, yeah those…when you called things gay and chased Private school hoes

Well they knew a lot more then me sitting in college

But I passed a stone, shit a brick and I acknowledge how I’ve evolved with knowledge

Not a feather weight, ink pen to my temple but the tip of my rage will never penetrate

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