You Thought You knew Me

Help me Become a Human Being
Help me get those feelings you brag about
Sex, Bravado and Drugs
Smoke, Loss of Innocence and adolescent rage
Past it but never ahead of it
Behind you, but not far

Those parties when you wish you said something
The “Fails” and the sweet and sour chicken Life at that end seemed so painful and dull, but wait to you grow older?
When the pain in your back has a name and you find ultimate love

You can’t understand until you go through, but the anticipation is killing me
Seriously i live through life charming those in hilarity but I wanted to be on a bigger level where i can be all iconic in how ironic my pity party turned around 
I was fighting addiction to hell, you thought you knew me back in the day when i was down and out in hell, well here i am today scars on my throat and lost years are in love with me

I talk about it everyday, but who listens can never be trusted You thought you knew me back in the day when you walked away as i called out for help, well i’ve battled a beast and found serenity after i found myself

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