Battle of the Night

These nights and i can’t exist together

The world is big but not big enough for this conflict

Guns drawn, knives sharpened for the battle of the night A fight for everyone to watch

Peeled skin, nasty sins and darkness in the denizens Preachers words slide out the kids ears again, outstretched like the sense to my opinions
Going to win again, no i doubt it

London hides my starry night, my fight will end in the delight
Every time i look into nights eyes i see more inconsistencies We watch each other closely, brothers separated at birth
We have to prove our relation first, but we all knew that night was my dear brother

He was the bastard child

But i was the prodigal son and the attention shifted like i was the diabolical one

Let’s have some fun, i’ll kill as many of your agents as i can, and i won’t run

The battle of the twilight, blood and loud drums

Meat and stunned faces, the thought of not having a sun becomes a reality
I blast through the Earth messing limbs In the air that night
Smashed like a bug, wishing i could go back to one of my mother’s hugs
All the drugs and snug opportunities all of sudden seem so severe

I have one finger left that pulls me up the mountain

Night has past and sun has arouse
I can’t breath, i can’t see but i can feel

The ravaged lived by night and the kings oversaw the day

I was neither, just a piece of bright violence splattered on the learning board of a generation
I wanted to call myself a hero, but first i had to start with a person


3 thoughts on “Battle of the Night

  1. Very interesting! Not sure at all if this even relates to this but nighttime can be a battle for me. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing when it’s dark or maybe it’s just when my thoughts catch up to me. Anyway, it’s become a time when I just try to meditate quietly at times and enjoy the peaceful moments as they come. Alright, done rambling here for now. Have a good evening!

    • bro you can ramble all you want. The fact that you read my writing makes my day and makes me feel great.
      Creatively I feel like i took a really great idea and messed it up for this peace, but nighttime has always been a battle for me and i noticed for a lot of people its hard. Back when i was younger, my father left me and the night began to captivate me. Its a time when i didn’t feel safe, it’s was a time when my alcoholic father would be on a bloody rampage. Things like that made night so hard for me, and i think the battle metaphor for this piece is the anxiety and the memories. When i wake up in the morning sometimes its like phew! haha, but thanks again Brian for taking the time and i hope you find some of my other work interesting as well. 😀

      • Brother, I’m sorry to hear about your Pops and the difficulties that came from that. I don’t think you messed up anything in what you wrote. That’s the best part about writing, there are no rules, no boundaries (I was a Communication major – took one math class, so I’m biased haha) but dude, write and write and write some more. For me, it’s been so therapeutic to do my blog the past few years. Working through the difficulties of broken relationships past and challenging one present, and life in general…but being able to write is an awesome blessing and it really releases so many things that would be bottled up otherwise. So keep doing what you do, buddy. God bless ya.

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