Laurel’s Day (my Mother’s Birthday)

Laurel’s Day
(Happy Birthday Mom)

I hear there is a secret to the way ya do things
I’m perplexed by you sometimes mother because i wonder if we can rewrite what’s supposed to be history
Because Life used to be a mystery soaked with hilarious jokes and a lot of false smiles
Sometimes you reminisce how you walked down the aisle, or how you traveled
And sometimes i catch you unraveling oh dear mother
Don’t go just for any time, you are a superstar standing in your own way, your shadows are never to far, but i want you know that you’ll always be my star on Laurel’s Day

Please celebrate and just admit your a beautiful, i’m not lying because i don’t have a leg to pull
You are the ceiling, hanging yourself
So instead of             *Sulking*
Rearrange yourself
Oh mother, i catch you sometimes unraveling
With the weight of the world
Thinking about when you in high school, or when you were a little girl
Don’t hate yourself and don’t go this time, you might just be a superstar standing in your own way, Laurel’s Day can’t be the same without Laurel
My words can’t be true if i lacked meaning, but all these visions i’ve been seeing
They keep me believing that there is a no day that has been deceiving our line of sight, but i know that there will be Laurel’s day when its right

Whether it’s missing teeth or a overbite, you are still out of sight
Whether it’s a knock in your step, or the bands that you rep you’ll always be the next step far from obscurity
my birthday poems growing with maturity
Mom you mean more to me then any other person, i might just be a big fan, so i’ll set fire to the rain and stay right where i stand
We missed each other while i was in residential, and our relationship has never been to potential but tonight is the night for something
So listen, it’s us against the world “Fuck The Rest”
Had our finger up to the world for a minute ma
Staying calm in chaos couldnt have been from a better conglomerate

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