I found you lying dormant in my brain girl, and I thought about missing lying with you
But now I’m all alone

I spent a long time with your body girl, so now I’m finding meaning In my own
And I know you hate me now but I swear I’ve got something I’ve got to say, if it wasn’t for you I might not be here hating you today

When you swim and slide inside my head, I start to miss lying with you

I spent a long time pondering you girl, so now it’s time for me to find some meaning in something else

Let’s be honest, I may have found you on the wrong shelf because your price was to high

I’d rather die to see you laid out on my bed, because you girl you ring and sing inside my head
I miss hanging with you but I spent a long time with you girl, its time to journey on my own

Now I’m in the middle of a bottomless fear, a time when there was no hope, no future when I had ties to you
You made me feel true when the skies weren’t very blue and now I’m contemplating lying with you

Because I’ve had to much time on my own
Damn I hate you girl but I have something I swear I got to say that I’d drop any other love just to do it again our way

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