My hair is wet whipping around as I bang my head against the wall, no surrender to never fall

No feelings when you call and no emotions in that bloody bathroom stall

No life to live beyond the pieces I possess now, I can’t hear you anymore you are to loud

The days when the music stopped

The moments when the temperature plummets, and your clothes dropped

The times when I had nothing except the blood coming from my cut

Gun to my head as I run out of luck
You thought you knew me before, but now I’m locked behind this steel door
Crawling through oblivion on all fours

In all of the land, I haven’t found a smile with less meaning then yours

I haven’t seen anything so horrible in my time, your heart rots not your teeth
All the bodies buried beneath you buried alive, trying to contrive reason to break from your clutches

Ashes falling from your cigarette like snowflakes in winter, but this is humid summer in the town center
I’ll bet my wrist, my neck and you’d best understand I’ll be around to get some gold dentures
I’ll be around to mend my scars, hop a few bars and spit for the stars

The moments when the hair on my arm stands up

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