I’m a half dead piece of shit and I’m stoned
It’s getting to me, it’s hurting me, it’s killing me to see

How I’m so alone

I lack positivity unlike you little God Fearing Folk

This is getting to me, this is hurting me and it’s killing to me to see

How I can barely walk anymore

You may have everyone fooled with your bullshit

But I know you more then you know me

And I still fucking hate you more then you could ever see


Next step, leaning up against the shower wall with an open vein

You are a piece of shit, a permanent stain

Less to know, less to understand, more time to implode

Because this is getting to me, it’s taking over me and I’m so fucking alone

Cobain’s negative creep
Couldn’t even go to school, minutes of sleep

Daddy never understood when I was under his control
Now I’m a traumatized little fiend rotting away in a man made hole

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