So I had my 1000th like, I’ve been on a roll lately producing some good stuff and just staying very active for you guys. I hope I’m entertaining you and maybe helping you see how i see the world. There is definitely more to come, much better too. Each and every day i learn something new about writing, and my style evolves just a little bit. I’m feeling great right now, and i was running out of ideas until i thought to have a segment in Warmonger called Dream Theater and Warmonger in Therapy. Now Warmonger in Therapy was around for those of you who have been following me for the last few months. Now it’s not going to be therapeutic, more of just my thoughts in writing on all types of things. Won’t be boring, in fact it should be a stream of entertainment. I really want to entertain you guys!
Now the Dream Theater will be my dreams. I suffer from having severely vivid dreams and nightmares. Don’t worry, nothing bad will be on here. The more vivid ones usually aren’t even that bad “Thank God”. I’m on meds for that and they help a lot. Ok, so i hope you look forward to the two new segments. Tonight i’ll be posting some old poems and a few new haikus, as well as TEENAGER!

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