Dream Theater: Entry 1

I was floating in a dystopian environment. I felt like I was in Akira, one of my favorite movies. That could have been one of the origins to the dream itself. I didn’t remember what I was wearing or anything like that, but I remember the city lights were interrupted by all the fog and the smog. There were factories everywhere with tons of pollution being pumped out. It was crazy how vivid it was but what else would I expect from my dreams.

When I was fifteen I started to have very vivid and severe nightmares as well as dreams. At first they were kind of cool sometimes, but then they got bad. As an adolescent boy I was sleeping with the light on and even during the most extreme times when I was at my grandma’s dark and creaky suburban house we had to buy a second bed and put in on the floor in one of the guest rooms. It was pure terror but this dream didn’t seem so bad, still when I look back it had airy exhilaration to it.

I can remember the second part starting as I walked through the slum hallways. These were no regular slums, for some reason I made the connection from the dirty hallways, robotics and transformed city, that the world had changed a lot. It seemed like there was some financial turmoil, but mainly the thing that surprised me mostly was how the dream presented the evolution of the human race.

I kicked down the door of some guys apartment, beat him up on the fire escape and then stole from him. I went into Child protective services which was ironically in the same slum building and met my aunt who happens to really work with organizations like that. I can’t remember much that happened after that, but I know that the dream kind of had a third part.

The third part was interesting, I had become addicted to some shit that made my veins blue and I was being chased by government agencies through the dark wet streets. The puddles were ridiculous and the wet was just kind of overwhelming. It was murky as all hell too, but as I ran and fell a few times I made it to the rehab. Now the rehab was interesting, it was packed full with a huge line of people howling and yelling at one another. I must have had a head start on the government agents because I was able to actually wait in line.

So I spoke to the doctor and then they brought me in right as the agents came in. So then things get really fuzzy but I can remember myself taking on the government at that point. I’m usually one of the biggest bureaucrats you’ll ever meet. But in that dream I remember I had a big gun and was running toward one of the factories. Out of the sky this big tentacle came up sounding like a whale. It smashed down and cracked the Earth next to me. I ran and ran flying away from the damage. I stiffened my arm and shot at the tentacle as a big ray came out the gun blowing a hole through it.

The dream skipped again because I woke up for a second. I remember going back to sleep hoping that I’d finish off the dream and I’m not sure if I did or not. The dream I had next seemed to be the same type of scenario except now I was in this utopian looking train that stopped in front of a watch tower that was digital. The dream basically ended there, and I was sadly let down

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