I’m on a Roll With Things

I’ve got about ten reasons for me to commit treason but i decided to be fabolous and start living my life
I decided to indulge in linen and things, eat ice cream and write what i did about all day
Going hard as the side of this oven and to show you’ve i’ve wrote a little song for what i’ve been loving
All this other stress is a mess, got god damned before i became bless, and another didn’t seem to bad

Another way to life didn’t sound to much, because i had been living and breathing, hoping for something
To grab hold why i watch some old movies, feeling the blues in my brain, so i write the rest while i entertain

I had a plan now i’m going to let things go through
If you thought bad about me years earlier but it might be true but i’m just blasting through space cracking laws i studied in private school

The witch, the piece of my past clutching it’s heart i was finally began to resist

I enlist myself to make something right

Pound my chest as the music changes to something i like

Positivity at the wayside, tell you in the morning or not if i died

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