Who I Am (Author Information)

Hello! I’m an author and an average struggling young adult. I use this to my advantage, keeping an open mind, always exploring the unknown and attempting to create art and tell stories. I want to provide entertainment through my art, create light from the darkness and just be a good human being.

Without the ability to write i don’t know where i’d be. Telling stories is my passion and i am forever blessed to be able to actually be good at it.
I am an 19 year old soon to be author. Author of Future Trafford Release The City Breaks its Promise, which will hopefully be hitting some shelves by January 28th! I appreciate all the help i can get trying to spread the word and that’s why i made Warmonger. It’s a real look into my writing, an audition of sorts. So Welcome and Please enjoy, leave me a comment i love to talk. Thank you for giving me your time, much Love and respect

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