Dream Theater 2

So there i was with a dead stare feeling a little dead inside missing the abstract world. I find myself in a broken down church reading books and sorting through messes. I’m guessing there was some type of alien invasion or bomb. Anyway some other survivors come over and one of them is a really cute girl. Lots of my dreams have a cute girl in them that i try to impress, i suspect sometimes my life is a goofy or donald duck cartoon. I’ll take it over the PTSD dreams/nightmaes anyday though.
Well anyway we are trying to find a way to defeat something but we can’t. The end is me and cute girl after we were together for awhile and then she broke up with me.
I always thought this dream really showed my fear of that happeneing, finding some amazing girl and it actually working out until one day it doesnt. Feeling like love has a time limit to it, its a scary thing. I’ve got a fairly epic journey ahead so thats another part of the ddream. But i’m happy to be here. Thats todays version of Dream Theater! Check out http://www.anthonygrandin.com for more!

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