Rat (Poem)


In the kindest way i am your love slave

Don’t look at me that way, i’m here for you

I’m your dog, rolling around in the mud just to get dirty for you

Hurt myself just to get dirty for you

Keep myself chained in, just to get dirty for you!

What do you think this is?

This isn’t playtime, there is to much pain involved

This is weird but i kinda like it

Strapped to the ground just waiting for you

Chained to the bed just waiting for you

We aren’t in this together, we are just friends

We tend to destruct, and my words don’t leave much to pontificate

Religion had it’s reign but now i’m stretched out naked going insane

Gaunt and looking plain, put makeup on my stains to help make there feel like there is some sort of fucking gain to the way we play

To the way I get dirty for you, just waiting for you to show on up

I’ll be your dog, your rat or a boy fiending for more blood to keep him from suicide


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