12 Hour Shift on Christmas


I’ve bent but won’t break for goodness sake, just chilling on a stake with my middle finger up covered with chocolate cake 
I couldn’t see myself falling to be honest, but it’s true that during extreme violence i still got what’s good

Gun to my head and it’s not even lyrical, the gunman looking hysterical as i grabbed the gun from him to show him how to do it correctly 
I’m evil, the other day i was possessed by money and now i’m just going on ahead 
I didn’t shoot myself dead i brought myself alive
I know you don’t think i can thrive, that i’m just a monster

I’ve had a future on a few occasions and I’ve forgotten thoughts that are better then what you publish
I’ve become arrogant but it’s all a class act, class clown fuck around and i’ll put you like Sasha Grey, Space Bound

I’m sorry but you can’t ball at this level especially since your so settled
Changing speeds at an honest rate through modern poetry, while banging my head to metal

You have to be at least a little demented to do this, at this level? Yeah

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