Our love is star slight 
We cry into the arms of the past
There goes our love again

We live in different spaces
Walk alone 
Live to die another day

Feeling enslaved by an idea
Slave to the pencil
Slave to the craft

Admiring injustice
Fleeing from my inhabitations 
Thinking about myself in light 

I had a dream that at night i’d sleep
I had prayers for my soul to keep 
Writing rhymes like little bo peep

Observations led to me to the end
A true journey
But no vacation

I walked through the tunnel because they said there would be light at the end
I used to be ignorant like using fin when not ending a chapter, but in your day to day vocabulary 
Dwelling on the end 

We are humans and if that means something then let it be heard
We cloud whats natural for what’s artificial 
We’ve switched from cursive to signing our names on the computer with initials 

I went from being hot to being synonymous with heat 
I don’t sin and i’ve never lied , throwing curves into rhymes to dignify my stride 
Pled my case, never look back and throw on a smile before you die

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