My Explanation!

You are created inside the chamber of life, the offspring of love….
Or you could be the bastard child, or maybe feel like one
Nothing is right, and nothing is wrong in this world
It is all up to opinion, as we are made of opinion
One can get themselves killed with such sardonics
With your favorite songs on rotation
And your past is something you only see when you dissociate with reality
Am I abnormal because i lay bedshaped by the stars and the sky
Or the plight all to accumulate to the very day we die
You can cry, but the cancer might come
And you can run but not hide, because that’s the way my greatgrandaddy died
Wartimes are always around, because we are militant about making money
Pray to our ancestors, that we don’t make the same mistakes
Tell me something beautiful, whisper your lies
Because i’ve been around and i’ve seen death, destruction and vigils in the night
But the trick is to find enough love to at least mask at least a quarter of the plight
Explanations that are out of sight for the millions of deaths that we could avoid
I write as I deliver gun shots like pretty boy floyd…and download an app and the idea to help other flushes down like a piece of crap
But what can i do except be a good person, and get rid of my books because they’ve got to much cursing
Now i’m learning to be much more likable, now how’s it working?

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