The hairs on my arms stand up as I see I become so scared
The screech of lost moments ringing through the air

But I if I were to stay deaf as tidal wave of the universe approaches

Then it will be my down
We will croach in fear, and hopefully remember all that is dear
With pop songs in the back of ours minds

And rock n roll during a London night

We hush at the fear in the plight
We know we open up to the feelings that are undone

Broken and Blind
Crawling for desire
With pills in the pit of our stomach
Desire on our sleeves

Desire, elate my heart and take over time

The idea burning at the back of my mind like fire
Leaves me to contemplate the world as I tire

2 thoughts on “Desire

    • thanks i’m glad you liked it! i just checked out one of your poems. Very nice and i left a message. Loved the end, thats some Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails Stuff. Love it, i’ll be a regular reader from now on :))

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