Young Adult


In the land of the American Dream
We copulate and sing
With the mistakes of the past on our shoulder

We crown kings while drinking crowns, moving onto to harder stuff when we are eighteen and older
Wipe away the frown because tomorrow is another day to quench your desire

The pain of sensuality, the urgency of life

To get so many things done so soon

Her and you
The girl you thought was your dream
Became a two day fling
And as you cried, you parents knew that in a day there’d be a call from some other young thang


Flying through the sky

In the back of a park
When you bit my ear, I knew I became a real boy

And the more we pushed, the less it hurt

She knew that time on the chaise, was surely his first

Looking into her eyes and seeing something so real

Adolescent, a time for you to feel

Walking through school hallways with a pain that’s so real
The more they looked, the more isolation you’d feel

Closing your eyes in somber

As your body is in chaos

With a bubble to burst and reality to stay in check
Pulling away from the arms of today
Nobody wants to see us rise
Drinks on the table and pills in the horizon

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