Life Will Go on Without Her

I need your love to find me
I’ve been searching through books to try and find some truth
to how I used to see you

The way you twirled around
Could I stay by your side and guarantee our safety

I wonder if I died tonight If I’d think that I made the right choice
Or if I’d crumble underneath the sound of your voice
The smell of your neck warms me with a tear in my eye

All the hope in my heart escapes as I remember hometown sins

But if you took my hand tonight maybe god would hear me

This is the first time I’ve ever been at your door, but willyou let me in

I need your love to find me
As I back into the wall there is a fear of flight
I cry as they reject me
I stand as they applaud
If I could change all the things that happened to me in the past,
I’d forgive my friendly sins because they are here to stay

I want to live till a day where there is more at play
I need your love and I need it tonight


I burn trash from the sky and soak loneliness in dye

Daydreaming about places neon in shine
I’ve loved the fear in approaching you
I love the conclusion in all your signs


I need you to love me tonight, is that something you can do?
I’d stop time for you and only you


I wish i could see you in my reflection, or maybe even in sight

Maybe my desires, are ones that are worth a fight

But i count on love to hold me up

When the truth just has to be enough

I have a feeling that if you took my hand maybe we could go flying

Flying high into the night

Brings a tear to a young man’s eye

That what i want will never be right


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