Y’all Gon Love This (Poem)

Y’all Gone love This

Like the stains of time deeply rooted in the back of my mind
Wondrous by design, with something that is bigger then all of mankind
A thought, love like a burning pendulum on Olympic Mountain
The Fountain of youth draining my ambitions, I feel like I’m thirty with two fingers in the air like I just don’t care
And maybe I don’t
Grassroots on my grounds like pebbles
Enough syllables in the rhymes to leave the distance disheveled
And the pain is heavy weighing down on a heavy weight
Watch me on Facebook as I drink, smoke and fornicate
Looking like Norman Bates on a Roman Holiday
I could spot you from a mile away
Drinking your cherry wine you fucking Punk
I don’t listen I get pissed and, start to raise hell like when I learned my A B Cs
Looking out for DDs, bricks and a couple of keys
Settling for tight denim on my ashy knees and nobody collecting my pee
Haven’t danced in the dark in awhile but I count the legs on the centipede
Almost impeded the groove no can’t have that
NOT until the End
not until the END 

For More from Anthony Day Grandin: 
Twitter: @AnthonyDayGrand 
WordPress: http://www.anthonygrandin.com 
Information on the New Book!!!——)))))http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrgv3RUOtk8

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