Poor boys, with rich girls 
Long nights with lonely ends 
Texts and sex in college dorms  
Does anybody hear me? 
Does anybody care?

Biting nails, picking skin 
Waiting for the angst to end 
I’m loving getting old, getting off, holding out for something new 

Streetlights and Dark corners
Red Flags and Lost Lives
Bad sex and dusting off souvenirs looking for pills 
Cheap thrills get you by paying bills 
Dead dreams and long calls 
Banging my head on the walls to try and get a reaction 
May god show himself? 

Cults and young adults
Teenage mendacity, long lives with cheap highs 
Lies about how you die 
I want to grow old and fall in love with you 
Its been real nice, but i must go 
I can’t hold out any longer

Does anybody really care?
If i fell to the ground 
Below the surface is a better prophecy and in the light
Are all my faults 
In my mind are heinous thoughts of darkness and the end of what i love 

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