Teeming (Poem)


DBT, EBT, Fast Money and Drugs
No Sex, death and some bugs

I’ve been to the fields and I’ve dug

For an answer to the question of life

Inside thoughts, dementia and clutch plays
Oh girl I could stare at you for days
Some people look for five figures, I’d settle for at least six
Because in America if you aren’t making money you are a jerk off
People are programmed to be normal
So pull down your pants and cough
Years of waiting makes some soft but I’m just working to get that French Loft

My inspiration used to kill my liver

A young boy imagining being dead in a river

But that imagination is what kept me going
And that’s what keeps the words flowing
Dreaming of flying first class on a Boeing to England
All work and no play will make Anthony a rich man
And after all the hell I put my mother through

I hope one day I can make her skies blue 

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