The sickest show on television starring one of the worlds most talented (and dare i say good looking) actors, Hannibal has cast another devilishly good looking actor with the acting chops to back it up. Mads Mikkelson of the Pusher Series, After the Wedding and most recently The Hunt, is Denmark’s shining star. He has come across to America before with his villainous role in James Bond Reboot Casino Royale. Now he is back in the states with Hannibal, playing the title character excellently. 
Michael Pitt joins the cast as Mason Verger, the role previously played by Gary Oldman in Silence of the Lambs. I’ve read the Hannibal series and i’ve seen the movies all once. What really drew me into this series is the direction and the great acting. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson deflect energy off each other well. The story at times gets confusing because it’s not always presented in the best way and it’s a little wordy and disgusting. 
Despite the small problems its a great show, and you can pick it up right away and figure it out pretty fast! Give it a try, #SUPPORTMADS


  1. Devishly gross. I love it.

    Mads and Hugh are a great team.

    They exude humor in the darkest moments.

    Too bad the masses can’t handle it.

    It’s not to taken seriously; pure entertainment.

    Cable should pick it up.

    • I agree, i’d love to see Hannibal on cable! It’s a disgustingly brilliant show. Can’t wait to see Michael Pitt join Hugh and Mads (Haven’t seen the new episode yet)

      • Great episode. Pitt is a perfect actor to add to the show’s creep factor. The sister, played by an actress on Days of Our Lives, shows how talented soap stars are.

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