White and Black


We were both born in our place

Just like eventide’s setting sun

The hum of your summer face

That let me know you were the one
The distance in our lives, our hearts
What does that mean?
Is it my ways or the darkness that my skin gleams?

Or are we just hopeless servants of a lost dream
We just would like to know?
That if we plant seeds
Will there still be ground to grow
Our stunted melody, dying to flow

Your heart and your eyes

Stars grazed by the heat of the sun
Because when I first saw you there
I knew you were the one
They keep telling me, and I don’t care
When they tell you, I know that you feel fear
But time and time again, I’d still see you there

Sitting across from me, with your bright red hair
And if you my were forbidden fruit
Then I was just another nigger that had history on mute













2 minutes and 40 Seconds





I always wanted to live by night, through my dreams

Floating along the river, my mindless stream

All I once loved, where I once breathed

The life and love, dying to see her face

I would look, but I’ve been fighting the mountains

To get those images erased

I’ve been flying along the clouds, to present my case

I’ve been the only thing coming, in this listless place

And I now I feel I’m waking up








They Want Me Dead

There I was at the back of the station, with nothing

Nothing to go around

Then I was star struck, stunned
By all the cityscape sounds
Of happiness and spoiled food
You were the most important thing to us

But then you fell out

They want me dead
I know , I know


There I was at the back of the station
Where I heard myself breathing
I was lost, my mind wandering, flowing with speed of sound
My lungs stuck in town
My head far up above this space
The place we call home

But then I fell out
They want me dead, I know, I know


There I was on my way back home
They were lighting the flame, with not a home to go to
And not a space to breathe

I was lost in hellfire

I was lost in life
Along a narrowed path, beaten and bruised
I was returning home, with nothing in my pocket
Nothing to lose, nothing to go around

They want me dead
They want me dead

They always have

















I thought I found a home, in space
Nestled in between the stars , the sun and the moon
I thought I found a home, in space

Fishing for a shooting star

Holding your hand

The hand I’d never let go

I thought I found a home, on Earth
Lost in those loveless summers
The world pounding with violent thunder
I felt the ground shake beneath my feet
I felt our youthful hearts cheat
And In the valley where the end of love and time meet

I looked up at the gaping sky

To find a spot in space where we could flee
A place we could call home
Underneath the stars and the Intergalactic sea
The dream, I thought I found a home, in a dream

In space, where we believed

In that dream, of the fireworks lighting the sky

For all of us to see
I’d grab your hand, so we can flee

To an unrealistic desire, that memory


I’ve been searching for days
It’s been so hot, in so many ways
I’ve been looking for you so long
I’ve been chasing shadows
Wondering if your gone
And it was just me and you and the sun
The way you danced and the way you’d run
It was just one of those perfect days
It had been so hot in so many ways


I had been out in the wild
Thinking about those days I had

That smile you had and all that we dreamed
The way it worked and the way it seemed
I loved you but did you love me
You were just the only one that’d see
Blinding dark, seamless light
Your kiss had me in the back, out of sight

It was just one of those perfect days
How you danced around in that perfect way











Hate Begets Hate, Finale


On this level of hell, where we are within the pulse of the city

The dirty walls, the disgusting halls
Where we would mingle with many
Within the hate, just below the poverty line
Where every day we saw eye to eye with the reality

On the cold hard pavement of the city

Where we kept our nose clean, our feet, covered with pity
The speech, it could heard, time and time again
Ignored, the epitome of sin
Where it is written, we scream out loud
Possessed by those angry spirits, those ancestors
Reliving the memory, that image, the blood
Time and time again, in ignorance, is the purest sin
Because the word that we use time and time again
Ignorance, where we were abused by many

Living within the pulse of our city
Our hearts kept on beating, the sorrow that we faced everyday

Brought us to wake up that next day, On this level of hell
Where you can’t take another minute, another step
Every day, until tomorrow, because until today
We couldn’t make another step, we couldn’t forget

Time and time again
Time and time again, in ignorance, the fallen angels sing







{The Fifth Sun}


It’s been so so long

But I’ve been born again

Underneath the starlight and the river’s stream

I was floating beyond the pier

I became the sun’s glare, the moon’s shine

The pencil and the paper

As it drew the line

I had become lost and sick

Within a bottomless pit, I was born again

In lust, desire and sin

Floating beyond the Pines

As I was revived

By eventide’s jolt, all I desired came to a halt

I saw myself where I wanted to be

I saw the things I wanted to see

And all that I believed, floating by the sea

As I grew old, the times felt cold

The clock I used, was from the time I stole

And the hearts I kept, became more precious than gold



{Cold War}


From beneath our broken Earth
Our bones will rise, like the dirt in the wind
The rain will pound our bleeding hearts
Like the eye of a violent storm
Moments to realize
That the storm is here
To wash away all that we called dear
All that we once feared, all we said we loved
Lost, evaporating away in the night
When we could love, we loved life
A ghost stuck in the shadows
A bleeding message, dying to be sent
A awful truth, one we resent
An underlying message, blowing in the wind
A message that will end before it begins
Only moments before we land
At our final destination




I had found a home as I cowered near Poseidon

Lost in the Ocean of Space

They called it imagination, my daydreaming days

Each image burned to ashes, each time I walked alone

I was lost in the intergalactic sea

The blue mountains and red river staring back at me

The dream state that I slept in, journeying through the shadows

The meadows that I remembered in my heart

The Moon, the Frost and the Stars


I had found solace in Space, faith in population

I dreamed in light, of the darkness in the Human Race

I found Aura in the caves, Oceana rising

The diamonds and my faith, lodged in the horizon

There I was, floating away

They called it imagination, my daydreaming days

Along the hellish haze

Atlas watches on, listening to the screams and the songs

Within darkness we found an open field

Within light, I bowed my head, learning to yield

The ways of Jesus Christ, those lovelorn stars

On a listless night


3rd Grade, 2001



We kept our memories close to the chest

The lost thought in our heads

The question god imposes, the ultimate test
A Post-apocalyptic view
Of all that we once loved, what we should have known
The changing times, bleeding us dry

What we love, once gone, each day, nothing new

When we lost two towers in the sky

The songs we sang, and the stories we knew
The images we became accustomed to

As we grow, all we cherish
All we know

Lost in the memory of a dream
We were just young dreamers

Questioning the world we thought we knew

We were just young dreamers
Opening our arms to the new world

The world wanted to see what we were made of

Was there time to care?

Another dream lost

Vision lost, floating in air

We find ourselves melting down
Bereft with fear

Listening to all the things that they know

Wondering, will these seeds still be there to grow?
When they blur skylines, will we then know?
We were all just young dreamers
Those golden crowns and fantastical rivers

The believers, the brave hearts, the kings
The lullaby that your mother used to sing
Our brothers and sisters, where we once danced
Living life beneath a rain

The things we see, time after time
Again and Again


Bethany Starry Night



I’d glide through a starry Bethany night

Nearly five, it was Christmas and I loved all I saw
A place I felt alive, a place I could fly
Where deer’s would glide by

All the things I used to have
They went and took and grabbed
All the pieces I loved, all the kisses, the hugs
When I was young I nearly died, but I was reborn
Underneath the starry country night
It was nothing but a Bethany night, a place to live
Not a place to hide, and when I was in Bethany

I could never die, I could only go to that place
A place I’d fly


I’d glide through a starry beautiful Bethany night
I was shivering in the winter cold
The snowflakes would fall like angels
And I’d hear their songs, with all their rights
And all my wrongs
I was living in a world, that I could never forget
Where I could live and die

Live and die, night end and night out

Where I’d fly with those fallen angels
Living my life and when I’d die
I’d wake up to the snowy trees

Snow angels plastered the pavement
Staring back at me, the reflection
Something I loved,
I place I’d live
A Place I’d die
Something I loved
Where it was
And where it is, all I can’t give, the places I can’t go
The things I can’t see, the places I can’t be
Staring starry eyed, blankly, back at me



Can you Feel the Flow? The fluidity, I fear that each line has its own original identity. I used to dream of going to on a big vacation, poor so forget it, thought about horseback riding instead of the Caribbean but the closest thing I got was watching pornos with sybians. Don’t say anything, but I’m beginning to sharpen, be fearful and disheartened because my body is weak but my mind is a Spartan

Do you feel the Anger? I spoke in Tongues, First it was direct publishing, now I’m flourishing after I mugged the industry, some people question my ability after they question my history, I answer in story and in mystery, I want to show you what Glory means to me. Your dealing with a poetic virtuoso, so much rage that I spit evil, this was the moment when I didn’t feel well, this wasn’t the life that I wanted, this felt like hell.

So I dressed for war, we were urban critters that blended with the dark, no west side story, but we were sharks. Billing Issues, Funerals with discount tissues, slashed tires, murder for hire, prostitution, religious institutions, the boys communicating with their hands and the self righteous Judge presiding over the witness stand. I screamed seven letter swears because I’m a beast, ravaged my moral fiber until it was left deceased, gaunt sickly body, the world is preoccupied with who is a hottie and who is a nottie, now everyone be silent for the boy with the shottie

In The clouds, they said, “Fuck the Noise, attention is the predecessor to suspicion. Don’t Look at Us For Redemption, stare at the abyss, so close to feel the flame’s tongue kiss. Grab your paper and pen, you will need it if you want this to ever end”

My Grandma told me it was the dreams i had to chase, to drop bombs on the horizon im so eager to erase. Ten years later murder was the case.
Assimillate the vocabulary to decimate, i told her i wanted to get my cut, she said to mutilate. If this book takes over, Grandin can legislate. Never hesitate to pontificate, never humiliate just eliminate.

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Searching for a place to hide

In this dream

Where the hills walk along a beaten path

Where the sky screams

When I was young I would dream

Of the thunder, the days when I was younger

Gone with the horizon

Dying in the distance

Flaring in silence

Crying out for touch

All the moments that led to our love

When the Moon would appear

You were the feeling I felt, the dream realized

Kissing your ear

As all the clouds in the world surrounded the gaping sun

I took your hand so we could run

To a place where we could hide

From all of the evil in the world, just a boy and a girl


When I would stare away from your eyes

I didn’t think of anything else in the world

When the world slowed down

We stood next to each other, on a different axis

Did I tell you how much I miss you?

Can I tell you how much I care?

Did I ruin it all, when I was lost in all my fears

Did I sink so low?

Now I’m stuck, with nowhere to go

When I bump into you, will you know

That I always meant no harm

I let the words flow

Because in the weakest hearts

Love can grow, from anything

How I felt, how I feel

Failing, falling to my knees

Struggling to stay alive

Struggling to breathe

If I had to go, If I had to leave

Where would I go? and how would I keep?

That beautiful picture, of you him and me

With each passing moment I start to fade

And when I was young, I couldn’t have dreamed of this day

When I would be so far away

When I’d have so little to say




NYC to New Haven, DJ


I sat on that stool, far away from the parties noise
The bass boomed, moving targets away from me
My crosshairs were burnt
Where I wanted to be, I awkwardly shifted away
Where I couldn’t stand, I would stand, anyway
Blocking the entrance
Chilling with all my lads
The few times that I did, I always felt alone
Because I had no idea, what those pills could do to you
It was Broadway, all over again, my New Heaven

Colors flickering, the screaming in between songs
Quieted down, by the loss of grace
I left the place, stained by life
I left the place, wondering if I was truly alive
Because everyone else was so live
They were glowing youth, enjoying all they did
Doing all they did
Stealing the nicest scene, being mean, doesn’t mean anything
But what is anything but a thing
It was Broadway, called, the pavement was sickening
Killing me in my place
Reflecting the sickness of the human race
Judging them by their spats, their pounds, their face
Walking home, on the city night
In my mind, I was just always in my home
I was hardly sober, but that didn’t matter
To the moon, because it was never there
I left to soon, the sun gave me the soul I needed
My vision would never fade, as I passed the sinners on the stoops
They would hate, but I would hate me
I hate me, this city made me

Then why don’t I talk to my father
I had memorized all routes, but lost my path
I had stayed strong and stable, as I fell on my ass
I had slowly danced to the corner, not in haze

After a long day, another day

In slow motion, in haze, my heart would skip a beat
But when it would skip a beat, I’d be closer to my favorite song
When I would have a hiccup, think about the way you looked up
I’d be closer to realizing that memory again
It had been so long, the streetlights shielded the glaring truth
As I walked home, alone on those city days
My daydreams clear as day as my vision kept fading
I would see the commotion, near the club opening
I would return home, wondering if I was alive
I’d see so many people, so far away, on another day
In another time, in another city, in another world
In that Social Landscape, in the sky, in the universe
In our minds …




Higher Vision


It was all about ecstasy, my peers
Sexual desires, combustible fears
Your monument, your life steering up ahead
Flashing before your eyes
When you propel your ideas
You are changing skies, what they see
Isn’t real?
Are the king of the land
Or just another man
Are you the leader of them all


Here it comes again

Delay the start,

To carry on through open doors

This must be life

There is something burning at the back of my mind

I just can’t describe

I’m holding out to find light in the sky

Fireballs in the air

As I fly
Belief in the darkness

The fear in what’s not right

Begins to open up

Trying to keep my feelings from coming undone

There is something burning at the pit of my heart

Hope is a dangerous sin

I want to fly but I don’t want to fall

I want my life to begin

I know you can’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to love







I’m realizing your calling me
So I will dedicate my love to you
I will see your eyes, one day

The Osaka Sun, where I chose to run
I have seen you in paintings
I’ve seen the world, dedicated to you
So when I come screaming, will you answer
You always illustrated my dreams
No wonder I’m so in love with your sunshine
No wonder, I feel like I’m so in love with your eyes
When I see those pictures
Lost, ablaze in a stay
I see the song, they play in the cold
Because I feel like I’ve been there
I was so scared, but it feels like I’ve been there
Japan, Calling
I already know how precious you are





Green Pants or Jeans
I see your ugly face, you left me there
A child dying alone
Just a little thing
Calling out for help
I see your ugly face, it’s saving me
From my youthful desires, my PTSD

My crass enigma, my pillaging plight
When you all mobilized, to save me from hideous nights
I was thrown away, into the clouds of Mountains

Into the thrust of Colorado
Into the rush, not of gold
Foggy Green Pants, Conservative Jeans
Where do we live, there’s a means to a means
We are all poor and down trodden on this peak
He’s got gauges, why you look at me?
For my polo, wanna trade with me?
Don’t you look at me, I’m just about all you see
But there still isn’t much to what you see, fleeing in front of you
Painted all blue with all his lies true

He is nothing genuine, just a blur you see
Crying to be kept company, by a certain group
One of the social themes, lingering in society
All the ugly memes, that keep popping their heads at me
Wondering if the people I see, will ever see me
All my hate has me feeling free
While I’m just a rat in society
Looks like it’s Green Pants, Khakis or Jeans
I was wondering if the people I love would ever see me
As they keep looking back at me




On this Axis
We were on the axis, of hope, love and fear
We were going further down below
And even before hope appeared
I was lost in a love so sincere
With so many humbling lights

And so many sickening nights
Where I would feel I needed to run
But I couldn’t run away
I kept coming back
To make my stay

On this axis,

Of lost hate, drilling pain and pure desperation
Screaming out for hope, drowning in the rain
Dying, drowning in the wind
Where I would always throw my pain on you
Where I would always project my hate onto you
Because you were the only thing that was close to me
On that axis, delving down beneath the darkest depths of sea

Diving down upon hell’s last epiphany

With our last breathe, a concluding note

Without sympathy


Girls with Names that End in ‘A’
There you were on school days
Summer days, looking at her ass
Smelling her blonde hair as she’d pass
But I was too afraid, to ever go beyond
Learning her name ended with the letter ‘A’
But in school hallways, it wasn’t every day
That I could see you, who I’d love
So much, so much, today
But tomorrow I don’t know if I’ll even be alive
All I’ll ever know, slipping away
As I would hurt myself a lot
I would continue to hurt myself some more
And more and more
And then I’d come knocking on your door

As I make my way home

I try to clean it up
I know I’m just deadweight

And I’d like to clean up my act

But I’d rather go beyond being an ass
Because I don’t want to hurt your flight
You were the brightest light
You were the brightest light



I’ve had Enough


Losing my mind, scribbling on taught walls
Teaching myself grammar, my spelling
Spelled out, I can’t hear it now
Disabled, fully gone

Going insane, losing my mind again
In this craziness, in this night
Where I have been trying to find the man I was
Because I was always a boy

With a feeling, I had something, he had something
I had nothing

No point, no life, I was so far gone, Leaving this world
Leaving my life, tonight, truly hurting myself
Dying to believe
In this life
I wanted to die, I wanted to float away
Today, when I’d look to find myself
In a dream that I’m stuck in
Bursting my bubble, day after day
If I ever get home again I’ll tell you to your face
I’ve had enough, and I’m losing my mind
The writing’s on the wall
That this task is too tall
Dying to believe
In the jazz in the background
The lonely care on a street, dying to be desired
Dying to die, and living to live
Struggling with the ability to live
Not realizing the reasons life keeps on giving and giving

And why lost souls keep on living





Pulp Poem Revolution, Fuck You



Over and over again, cursed drools
Feelings collided and pills peeled their eyes
The awakened beautiful day, silently disappears
When I was far away
Over and over again

I could hear my name, being called
I could still fear my name, being smeared


Over and over again, cursed drools
Feelings collided and pills peeled their eyes
The awakened beautiful day, silently disappears
When I was far away
Over and over again

I could hear my name, being called
I could still fear my name, being smeared



Over and over again, cursed drools
Feelings collided and pills peeled their eyes
The awakened beautiful day, silently disappears
When I was far away
Over and over again

I could hear my name, being called
I could still fear my name, being smeared





As the sun awakens
It rises over the lovelorn hills
The red sky is an initiation
For these blood soaked dollar bills
The hotels are full of ideas
Take your love
And take the rest of your day
Because If the hills had eyes
They still couldn’t hear all that people say
Life seems like nothing but a means to an end
For some it never began
The hateful shed a tear
Only when they draw a line in the sand





This is a poem for when the music slows down

When you have no shoulder to cry on

Your beliefs are nothing but a leaf in the mud
I thought I could trust you, I thought we were blood
There are signs of descent in every other word

You say you love me, but that’s not what I heard
Pain striking me when I’m down
I’ve lost my status
Now I’m simply your clown

There are a thousand songs to write
Only a few that touch your heart

On the way to the almighty light
Kicked the bucket in slow motion

Liquor and Pills, a magic potion
Maybe I don’t know how to love
Partially to blame
But when you find the special girl

Nothing really feels the same
Is this just a fairytale? Or is life supposed to be lived this way?
This is more than a game
There is so much more at play












We Rise


Above the Golden Hills, we raise
Along the IDES of Autumn, Summer falls
As the winters of the heavens, project their call
To the birds, the planes,
The spirits, always calling
For the long nights, the moon will guide the spirits
The mountains, will be our watchtower
Above the Golden Hills, we can hardly see
The totems of our ancestors, the ancestors we feared

The Ides of Spring seasons, blossomed by Winter’s tears



Signed Sincerely


I was given to transform, as I looked for the warmth
That inhabited the eye of the storm
After each ray of light, I’d find a reason to wither away at night
I was lost, reeling from the pain that I felt
All the love there was, buried beneath all of the mud
I was drowning on those cold nights, blinded by stars
Your love was the farthest from my heart

Beneath it all, I would call
I would always call, and as I’d find
I’d find a reason, to always call
Signed Sincerely




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Miakoda: Power of the MOON


As I sat waiting for morning
I would hear the sea singing to me

As the clouds would part, the day would start
Long Island Pier
The boats, the ships

The lonely flowers sprouting along the fleet

The melody, floating beyond me
I would hear myself, when I was far from the streets
Miakoda, the gleaming moon of the sea

Guide the lonely sailors, lost lovers and geese



Blood Soaked Dollar Bills

As the sun awakens 
It rises over the lovelorn hills
The red sky is an initiation 
For these blood soaked dollar bills 
The hotels are full of ideas
Take your love
And take the rest of your day
Because If the hills had eyes
They still couldn’t hear all that people say 
Life seems like nothing but a means to an end 
For some it never began 
The hateful shed a tear
Only when they draw a line in the sand 

On the Inside

I’ve seen patience on the wayside baby!
Focus on the hocus-pocus lately
With soap on my jersey
Walking on tiptoes past evil
Feeling like the moon is my valentine
Losing my illusion
Blast from the past

Is this a contusion?
Or did i just fall on my ass?
What do you say?
When all the wind knocks you over
And you haven’t got a clue
Smiling contradictions
It really is the worst
Focused by the witness’s knife
Until the end

Have you seen the tombs or the holy graves?
Patience, with electric switches
Turn up your life
Mouth’s open, mugshot, you are no king tut
Brace yourself
As you find there is no way out

My Love

Here she comes again

Holding onto the joys of desire

Oh the fears of the diminishing regime

Hearts of lies, and the wind whistles as my dreams die
Only to think of life

The light blinds me tonight

The waves of the ocean give me a feeling of warmth
But I am undone
As I write a rhyme
To stop time and turn the world around to make you mine


When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
But here she comes again hushing my fears of the night
Trying to make sense of these wondrous dreams
Floating on the cusp of sin
I hope there will be a night when this love can begin

When we say goodbye

It’s a mortal wound
Because my eyes have always followed you around the room
And you are the reason my sun comes up
Darkness at the end of a tunnel
Far away from all the trouble that made me nothing but a shadow
Far away…


Say Hey

We tumble down the hills

Trying to find fun

Isn’t equivalent

To where we run
And Hey, there ain’t much else to say
Because I like life this way
I just hope I stay ok

I have been until this day


Let’s hope we can live past today

Let’s hope we find a way

The sun is burning my wings
Never thought it’d be like this
Didn’t believe the fat lady could sing

Or all this could conclude

So many before me

So many to come 

Hey, there ain’t much else to say
Because I like life this way
I just hope I stay ok

I have been until this day